yeti towbar

Skoda Yeti Towbar Fitted

yeti towbarVehicle: Skoda Yeti 2011

Towbar: Witter Flange Detachable (SK24QF)

Electrics: 13pin dedicated full function

Towing weight: 1800kg

Nose weight: 85kg


Skoda Yeti towbar  fitted in Leighton Buzzard.  This is a detachable flange towbar as the customer wanted the detachable function but also had a bolt on type cycle carrier needing a flange fitment.

The Yeti requires a visible bumper cut so the customer wanted a removable panel fitted to keep it as neat as possible.  The electric socket is on a flip plate so moves into the bumper when not in use.

We fitted 13 pin dedicated electrics, this offers a few advantages over fitting a universal kit on the Yeti including a trailer stability program and a link in with the parking sensors.

There are also Fixed flange, Swan-neck and Swan neck detachable towbars available for the Skoda Yeti.